Tour Down Under 2018: Fantasy Fives Rules and Regulations

Everyone’s favourite fantasy cycling game is back for yet another season! For 2018’s first edition we head down under, pick your favourite five riders, race across five tough Aussie stages and be crowned the first Fantasy Fives champion of 2018…

The Tour Down Under returns for another year on the World Tour, Richie Porte the defending champion. CREDIT: GettyImages

The Rules

  1. Each player picks a team of five riders from the list below.
  2. Each team has a maximum of 100 points to spend.
  3. Once your five riders have been chosen, DM @InsidePeloton96 your roster and an imaginative team name.
  4. If you do not have Twitter but still wish to participate in the league, comment your riders and team name below.
  5. At the end of each stage, the finishing position of the two highest placed riders on your team will be added together.
  6. To avoid ridiculously high scoring (especially on sprint stages where some riders will casually stroll in at the back), if any of the two riders are beyond the top 50 on the day, they will just be given a max score of 50 points.
  7. After the final stage, points will also be calculated from the final classification, the finishing position of your two highest placed riders overall combined together and added to your total score.
  8. This will all accumulate and the team with the lowest cumulative score will be crowned the winner!

Additional Rules

The Overall Classification: The main rules of the competition are as described above, lowest cumulative score wins. The benefit of wearing the leader’s jersey is that whilst your team is at the top of the leaderboard, a -1 is applied to the finishing position of your top two finishing riders (this -1 does not apply in the stage classification).

The Golden Fleece, the top prize for all Fantasy Fives fans. CREDIT: CyclingTips

The Stage Classification:  Points will be allocated to the first five riders across the finish line of each stage, a different weighting depending on where they finish. 1st = 5 points, 2nd = 4 points, 3rd = 3 points, 4th = 2 points and 5th = 1 point. This will add up at the end of each day and the team with the highest amount of points will wear the Stage Classification jersey for that day. At the end of the 6 stages, the team with the highest combined score will claim the Stage Classification.

Racing for points, teams with the best sprinters will stand in good stead for this jersey. CREDIT: CyclingTips

The Combative Classification: Every time a rider gets in the daily break (the main breakaway of the day that stays away for most of the stage), their team will be awarded a point in the combative classification. At the end of the week, the team with the most amount of points will be crowned the most combative of the Tour Down Under!

Join the break, get the points, win the combative jersey, simple… CREDIT: GranFondoGuide


Road Captains: Pick one of your five riders to lead the team. This rider gets the benefit of -3 from his finishing position for each stage. Do you assign this role to your number one rider? Or rather your second rate rider scrambling for a low score at the end of each stage, the choice is up to you! (As is with the overall classification, the (-) scores do not apply in the stage classification)

When sending in your five man squad via Twitter DM, or via a comment at the bottom of this post, illustrate who is your road captain by putting a (C) at the end of their name.

With so few stages left to race across, there will be no transfers in this edition of Fantasy Fives, you’re stuck with the original five so pick wisely!

Many of you returning players will be pros at this Fantasy game by now and whilst you may not want to reveal your tried and tested tactics, share some knowledge with the new guys!

Once you’ve built your squad, get building the hype on Twitter, RT this article or post some build up of your own using the #FantasyFives hashtag!

I look forward to seeing you all out on the road soon..

The Riders

(Click cost or discipline to order the riders…)

Rider NameCostDiscipline
1 PORTE Richie30GC
3 GERRANS Simon26Puncheur
4 WYSS Danilo10Rouleur
5 SCOTSON Miles14Rouleur
6 BEVIN Patrick12Climber
7 DENNIS Rohan24TT
11 SAGAN Peter28Sprinter
12 OSS Daniel14Rouleur
13 BENNETT Sam22Sprinter
14 BODNAR Maciej12TT
15 KENNAUGH Peter16Climber
16 SELIG Rüdiger12Sprinter
21 EWAN Caleb26Sprinter
22 IMPEY Daryl14Puncheur
23 EDMONDSON Alexander14Rouleur
24 HAYMAN Mathew10Rouleur
25 BAUER Jack10Rouleur
26 HOWSON Damien12Climber
27 MEYER Cameron14Climber
31 GREIPEL André26Sprinter
32 HANSEN Adam10Rouleur
33 DE GENDT Thomas14Rouleur
34 BAK Lars Ytting10Rouleur
35 SIEBERG Marcel10Rouleur
37 DEBUSSCHERE Jens18Sprinter
41 COSTA Rui24GC
42 ULISSI Diego20Puncheur
43 CONSONNI Simone10Rouleur
44 MORI Manuele10Rouleur
45 BONO Matteo10Rouleur
46 MARCATO Marco10Rouleur
47 FERRARI Roberto14Sprinter
51 SLAGTER Tom-Jelte20GC
52 RENSHAW Mark14Sprinter
53 DLAMINI Nickolas10Rouleur
54 MORTON Lachlan12Climber
55 VENTER Jaco10Rouleur
56 O'CONNOR Ben10Rouleur
57 DAVIES Scott12Climber
61 POZZOVIVO Domenico22GC
63 IZAGIRRE Gorka16Climber
64 BOARO Manuele10TT
65 NAVARDAUSKAS Ramunas12Sprinter
66 ARASHIRO Yukiya10Rouleur
67 AGNOLI Valerio12Climber
71 CLARKE Simon16Climber
72 CANTY Brendan10Rouleur
73 SCULLY Thomas12Sprinter
74 MORENO Daniel18Climber
75 OWEN Logan10Rouleur
76 CLARKE William12Rouleur
77 DOCKER Mitchell10Rouleur
81 ARNDT Nikias16Sprinter
82 HAGA Chad16Climber
83 BAUHAUS Phil18Sprinter
84 TEUNISSEN Mike10Rouleur
85 HAMILTON Chris12Climber
86 STORER Michael10Rouleur
87 OOMEN Sam18GC
92 CHÉREL Mickaël10Rouleur
93 MONTAGUTI Matteo10Puncheur
94 LATOUR Pierre20GC
95 PETERS Nans10Rouleur
96 VANDENBERGH Stijn12Rouleur
97 DOMONT Axel10Sprinter
101 SANCHEZ Luis Leon18GC
102 DE VREESE Laurens10Climber
103 GATTO Oscar12Rouleur
104 VALGREN Michael16Rouleur
105 ZAKHAROV Artyom10Rouleur
106 KORSAETH Truls10Rouleur
107 MINALI Riccardo14Sprinter
111 HAAS Nathan24GC
112 GONÇALVES José16Climber
113 KOCHETKOV Pavel10Rouleur
114 RESTREPO Jhonatan14Rouleur
115 LAMMERTINK Maurits10Rouleur
116 MACHADO Tiago10Climber
117 WÜRTZ SCHMIDT Mads10Rouleur
121 MORABITO Steve12Rouleur
122 DUCHESNE Antoine10Rouleur
123 HOELGAARD Daniel10Rouleur
124 ROUX Anthony14Rouleur
125 PREIDLER Georg12Climber
126 CIMOLAI Davide12Sprinter
127 LADAGNOUS Matthieu10Rouleur
131 BARBERO Carlos14Climber
132 BICO Nuno10Climber
133 SOLER Marc18GC
134 FERNÁNDEZ Rubén16Climber
135 CASTRILLO Jaime10Rouleur
136 OLIVEIRA Nelson12TT
141 VIVIANI Elia26Sprinter
142 CAPECCHI Eros12Climber
143 DEVENYNS Dries10Rouleur
144 SABATINI Fabio10Rouleur
145 MØRKØV Michael12Rouleur
146 SÉNÉCHAL Florian12Rouleur
147 MAS Enric16Climber
151 WYNANTS Maarten12Rouleur
152 WAGNER Robert10Sprinter
153 BATTAGLIN Enrico12Puncheur
154 OLIVIER Daan10Rouleur
155 BENNETT George22GC
156 LEEZER Tom10Rouleur
157 GESINK Robert20Climber
161 PUCCIO Salvatore12Rouleur
162 WIŚNIOWSKI Łukasz10Rouleur
163 BERNAL Egan Arley16Climber
164 DIBBEN Jonathan10Rouleur
165 DOULL Owain12Rouleur
166 HALVORSEN Kristoffer16Sprinter
167 LAWLESS Christopher14Sprinter
171 DIDIER Laurent14Climber
172 BEPPU Fumiyuki10Rouleur
173 DE KORT Koen10Rouleur
174 EG Niklas12TT
175 FRAME Alex10Rouleur
176 GUERREIRO Ruben10Climber
177 PEDERSEN Mads14Rouleur
181 BOWDEN Scott10Rouleur
182 DEMPSTER Zakkari12Rouleur
183 EARLE Nathan12Rouleur
184 PORTER Alexander10Rouleur
185 ROE Timothy10Rouleur
186 VON HOFF Steele14Sprinter