Tipping Service

As many early followers may know, InsideThePeloton began off a string of articles written for none other than ODDSbible, the biggest online gambling community in the world. We covered the 2016 Tour de France and were somewhat successful, returning a few winners but never enough to really charge for the advice.

All that changed with the 2017 Tour… 40/1 and 80/1 winners, lucrative cash outs and a string of accurate stage predictions soon catapulted the betting previews into grand success. All the tips were offered free of charge, and were well received by gamblers and cycling enthusiasts alike.

Now it’s time to set up a paid tipping service, one that will cover many more races than just the coveted Tour de France.

This is the first step in monetizing the website, an attempt to bring in some revenue that will be plugged back into the site. Running such a diverse and rich blog alone is a difficult task and some funds are needed to maintain the upkeep of the site; some of the money earned from tipping will go into:

  • Plugging into advertising campaigns.
  • Running monthly giveaways and competitions.
  • Merchandise.
  • Bigger, and better, Fantasy Fives prizes.
  • Trips to some of the season’s biggest races, reporting boots on the ground style…

Customers will be charged per month and will get full access to daily race betting previews, as well as access to our private Twitter tipping account, @ITPtips

Sign up now before the start of the Vuelta a Espana for the month of September and get the rest of August for FREE!

The price for September is: £10

Races included in the September subscription include:

  • Vuelta a Espana
  • Cyclassics Hamburg
  • Bretagne Classic Ouest France
  • Grand Prix Quebec
  • Grand Prix Montreal

Click this link!


Once paid, request to follow @ITPtips on Twitter, sit back, and watch as the wins roll in…


Disclaimers, terms and conditions etc…

  • A Twitter account is needed
  • Paying customers will receive full access to password protected betting previews. Passwords will be released along with the article from the Twitter account: @ITPtips
  • As well as the betting previews, customers will also get full access to tweets from @ITPtips. These tweets will include: In-Play bets, discussion of favourites, any other bets that catch the eye etc.
  • All tips I advise will be documented to keep a record of wins and losses. These results will be released at the end of every race.
  • A staking plan will be included at the end of each betting preview, using pts to give an idea on how to split the stakes.
  • A Bet365 account is highly recommended as they price up the majority of pro cycling events that we’ll cover.
  • Payments are paid per month, allowing any dissatisfied customers to opt out of joining for another month. Most months will be covered, with the exception of November and December. Nearing the turn of each month, this page will be updated to include specific details for that month.
  • Unfortunately, once you have paid the month’s subscription fee, refunds will not be available. Any mis-payments can be sorted out with a quick DM to our main Twitter account, @InsidePeloton96.

This is a new concept to InsideThePeloton and we will be happy to hear any feedback regarding the service, whether you’re a paying customer with some questions, or a potential client looking for some answers…