Fantasy Fives: Vuelta a Espana THE FINALE

One final sprinting stage may not have meant much for the Vuelta GC, but for Fantasy Fives, this had the potential to become one of the most pivotal days! Time to announce those winners…

Your FantasyFives podium. @PaddyJim takes the win with @BadgerBaroudeur and @Ross5u839 just behind.

With a team stacked full of sprinting talent, there was only ever going to be one winner on the final stage of this Vuelta. @Benni1000 and Die Bierabzapfer take the coveted Madrid stage, and with it, bolster their position in the GC up to 21st place…still, it’s nowhere near Drip Dry…

Despite Azkonarra Tomatea having the stronger sprinting side, they weren’t able to cut the lead of Paddy’s Pedallers on the final day of racing. @Paddyjim’s side rode to the finish line in Madrid with a massive 61 point lead on those teams behind, a crushing victory in some respects.

No sprinting power among the Formidable Five team made it a nervous final day for @Ross5u839’s side. Nevertheless, a resilient performance from his GC men saw him retain his third place on the podium, a successful result having spent much of the race in the bottom half of the top ten.

In what can only be described as bad karma for enlisting the services of a ‘doper’ before the race start, @NietNathan’s Sammy’s Sacrifice Team finished in 11th place, just 25 points away from breaking into the top ten overall.

As is the formality with the final results page of a Fantasy Fives series, let’s go through each classification one by one, announcing the winners…first up, the GC!

PositionTeam Name and Twitter HandleTotal/Overall
1st(@paddyjim) Paddy's Pedallers411
2nd(@badgerbarouder) Azkonarra Tomatea472
3rd(@Ross5u839) Formidable Five485
4th(@domhino) TIM HODG516
5th(@bartdvries) Diemen Demons518
6th(@andrewhunnisett) Cycling Crazy Watch Out540
7th(@ksmashbets1786) Drip Dry546
8th(@Cyclingfan001) CyclingHill547
9th(@FlannelBidon) Survivor561
10th(@Tomashuuns) Bazinga National Team564
11th(@NietNathan) Sammy's Sacrifice 588
12th(@sap1906) SAP-La Mondiale591
13th(@rolfdev) Lonely at the Top607
14th(@russelljosborne) The Usual Suspects624
15th(@PelosJuno) Rani675
16th(@jamiehaughey) You know nothing Jon Nieve688
17th(@justprocycling) No Team Leader695
18th(@VainHack) Berasa699
19th(@GrootLem) Rainbow Nation705
20th(@LUX_Finest) Bob & Friends p/b Ilnur Haircut721
(@Benni1000) Die Bierabzapfer743
(@ironsscally) Renegade Masters743
(@doniewalsh) Lily Rosa762
(@Spudacus12) Team Rouleurs763
(@LanceBC) LanceBC766
(@Partykjeppen) Partykjeppen's Pozzovivian Playboys769
(@EmilyMaiden) Adios Alberto777
(@Cycling_CrazyDAD) The one are many and the many are one793
(@Jesper_Kuup) Vive le Velo808
(@tdfbeefeaters) Beefeater Bend818
(@Mapachito2016) Lord of the Chainrings831
(@NinieCyclingFan) Just for Fun839
(@Cycling_CrazyMUM) InsideTheVuelta839
(@KRUIJSWIJKGAAN) Team Kruijswijk (Without Kruijswijk)846
(@RutgerDijk) CruijffAFCA869
(@nick_russell04) Majka me Crazy873
(@SmokeyTimRobbo) Dropped on the Climb904
(@RonSydenham) Pini Espanol912
(@AdamBothma) Deep South1013
(@NirelepM) SupaGalactic Team1058
(@jswadswad) Weird Buddhist Viking1066
(@InsidePeloton96) Break the Wheel1088
(@CyclingDelegate) The Cycling Delegate1095
(@Scotttimps) Timperley Group1137
(@bristolbike) Parti criw yng nghymru1139
(@EmilyMaidenMUM) Team Sausage Dog1148
(@GarthSheehan83) Make the Break1163
(@JoshuaCarnn) Landa's worth more than Neymar1199
(@comovaeso) Del Tongazo1211
( The Svein in Spain1270
(@Cycling_Crazy) Cycling Crazy1295
(@EmilyMaidenDAD) Team Telecottage1341
(@Matt_Russell_92) Feeling Fraile1514
( Geared Up1579

Next up, the stages classification! As it was in the actual Vuelta, it seems as though this competition has been mobbed by the teams high up on GC…

PositionTeam Name and Twitter HandleStage Classification
1st(@badgerbarouder) Azkonarra Tomatea54
2nd(@paddyjim) Paddy's Pedallers49
3rd(@domhino) TIM HODG49
4th(@sap1906) SAP-La Mondiale46
5th(@Ross5u839) Formidable Five45
6th(@russelljosborne) The Usual Suspects42
7th(@PelosJuno) Rani42
8th(@Cyclingfan001) CyclingHill39
9th(@Tomashuuns) Bazinga National Team39
10th(@bartdvries) Diemen Demons36
11th(@Cycling_CrazyDAD) The one are many and the many are one36
12th(@justprocycling) No Team Leader34
13th(@VainHack) Berasa34
14th(@FlannelBidon) Survivor33
15th(@ironsscally) Renegade Masters31
16th(@tdfbeefeaters) Beefeater Bend31
17th(@jamiehaughey) You know nothing Jon Nieve30
18th(@AdamBothma) Deep South30
19th(@NietNathan) Sammy's Sacrifice 29
20th(@Jesper_Kuup) Vive le Velo29
(@doniewalsh) Lily Rosa27
(@nick_russell04) Majka me Crazy27
(@RonSydenham) Pini Espanol27
(@NirelepM) SupaGalactic Team27
(@jswadswad) Weird Buddhist Viking26
(@Partykjeppen) Partykjeppen's Pozzovivian Playboys25
(@RutgerDijk) CruijffAFCA25
(@SmokeyTimRobbo) Dropped on the Climb25
(@andrewhunnisett) Cycling Crazy Watch Out24
(@GrootLem) Rainbow Nation22
(@ksmashbets1786) Drip Dry20
(@rolfdev) Lonely at the Top20
(@Mapachito2016) Lord of the Chainrings20
( Geared Up19
(@LUX_Finest) Bob & Friends p/b Ilnur Haircut18
(@EmilyMaiden) Adios Alberto17
(@Scotttimps) Timperley Group17
(@NinieCyclingFan) Just for Fun15
(@GarthSheehan83) Make the Break15
(@CyclingDelegate) The Cycling Delegate14
(@Spudacus12) Team Rouleurs13
(@comovaeso) Del Tongazo13
(@bristolbike) Parti criw yng nghymru12
(@JoshuaCarnn) Landa's worth more than Neymar12
(@LanceBC) LanceBC11
(@Cycling_Crazy) Cycling Crazy11
(@Matt_Russell_92) Feeling Fraile11
(@Cycling_CrazyMUM) InsideTheVuelta10
(@Benni1000) Die Bierabzapfer9
(@InsidePeloton96) Break the Wheel9
(@EmilyMaidenMUM) Team Sausage Dog5
(@KRUIJSWIJKGAAN) Team Kruijswijk (Without Kruijswijk)4
( The Svein in Spain1
(@EmilyMaidenDAD) Team Telecottage1

One of the most fought for competition of this race, the Break Classification! Three teams finished on level points so GC standings was used to tiebreak…

PositionTeam Name and Twitter HandleBreak Classification
1st(@badgerbarouder) Azkonarra Tomatea15
2nd(@ironsscally) Renegade Masters15
3rd(@Cycling_Crazy) Cycling Crazy15
4th(@Cycling_CrazyDAD) The one are many and the many are one14
5th(@sap1906) SAP-La Mondiale13
6th(@GarthSheehan83) Make the Break13
7th(@Matt_Russell_92) Feeling Fraile13
8th(@EmilyMaiden) Adios Alberto11
9th(@Tomashuuns) Bazinga National Team10
10th(@JoshuaCarnn) Landa's worth more than Neymar10
11th(@comovaeso) Del Tongazo10
12th(@paddyjim) Paddy's Pedallers9
13th(@Jesper_Kuup) Vive le Velo9
14th(@tdfbeefeaters) Beefeater Bend9
15th(@Mapachito2016) Lord of the Chainrings9
16th(@Cycling_CrazyMUM) InsideTheVuelta9
17th( Geared Up9
18th(@Cyclingfan001) CyclingHill8
19th(@InsidePeloton96) Break the Wheel8
20th(@CyclingDelegate) The Cycling Delegate8
(@bartdvries) Diemen Demons7
(@rolfdev) Lonely at the Top7
(@russelljosborne) The Usual Suspects7
(@jamiehaughey) You know nothing Jon Nieve7
(@bristolbike) Parti criw yng nghymru7
(@justprocycling) No Team Leader6
(@Spudacus12) Team Rouleurs6
(@LanceBC) LanceBC6
(@jswadswad) Weird Buddhist Viking6
(@PelosJuno) Rani5
(@LUX_Finest) Bob & Friends p/b Ilnur Haircut5
(@Partykjeppen) Partykjeppen's Pozzovivian Playboys5
(@RutgerDijk) CruijffAFCA5
(@domhino) TIM HODG4
(@FlannelBidon) Survivor4
(@GrootLem) Rainbow Nation4
(@Benni1000) Die Bierabzapfer4
(@doniewalsh) Lily Rosa4
(@KRUIJSWIJKGAAN) Team Kruijswijk (Without Kruijswijk)4
(@SmokeyTimRobbo) Dropped on the Climb4
(@AdamBothma) Deep South4
(@EmilyMaidenMUM) Team Sausage Dog4
(@EmilyMaidenDAD) Team Telecottage4
(@Ross5u839) Formidable Five3
(@andrewhunnisett) Cycling Crazy Watch Out3
(@NietNathan) Sammy's Sacrifice 3
(@VainHack) Berasa3
(@nick_russell04) Majka me Crazy3
(@Scotttimps) Timperley Group3
( The Svein in Spain3
(@ksmashbets1786) Drip Dry2
(@NinieCyclingFan) Just for Fun2
(@NirelepM) SupaGalactic Team1
(@RonSydenham) Pini Espanol

The KOM was a new classification for this Vuelta and it’s fair to say, it’s worked absolute wonders! Two teams fought neck and neck throughout the race, only one point separating them on the final day…

PositionTeam Name and Twitter HandleKOM Classification
1st(@Matt_Russell_92) Feeling Fraile24
2nd(@Tomashuuns) Bazinga National Team23
3rd(@EmilyMaiden) Adios Alberto19
4th(@ironsscally) Renegade Masters17
5th(@Jesper_Kuup) Vive le Velo17
6th(@jswadswad) Weird Buddhist Viking17
7th(@Cycling_Crazy) Cycling Crazy17
8th( Geared Up17
9th(@domhino) TIM HODG16
10th(@russelljosborne) The Usual Suspects16
11th(@justprocycling) No Team Leader16
12th(@Cycling_CrazyDAD) The one are many and the many are one16
13th(@paddyjim) Paddy's Pedallers15
14th(@nick_russell04) Majka me Crazy13
15th(@SmokeyTimRobbo) Dropped on the Climb13
16th(@badgerbarouder) Azkonarra Tomatea12
17th(@Cyclingfan001) CyclingHill9
18th(@rolfdev) Lonely at the Top9
19th(@jamiehaughey) You know nothing Jon Nieve9
20th(@Mapachito2016) Lord of the Chainrings9
(@Scotttimps) Timperley Group9
(@comovaeso) Del Tongazo9
(@RutgerDijk) CruijffAFCA8
(@InsidePeloton96) Break the Wheel8
(@bristolbike) Parti criw yng nghymru8
(@Ross5u839) Formidable Five7
(@bartdvries) Diemen Demons7
(@PelosJuno) Rani7
(@Spudacus12) Team Rouleurs7
(@RonSydenham) Pini Espanol7
(@AdamBothma) Deep South7
(@NirelepM) SupaGalactic Team7
(@FlannelBidon) Survivor5
(@VainHack) Berasa5
(@ksmashbets1786) Drip Dry4
(@sap1906) SAP-La Mondiale4
(@Benni1000) Die Bierabzapfer4
(@doniewalsh) Lily Rosa4
(@tdfbeefeaters) Beefeater Bend4
(@KRUIJSWIJKGAAN) Team Kruijswijk (Without Kruijswijk)4
(@CyclingDelegate) The Cycling Delegate4
(@EmilyMaidenMUM) Team Sausage Dog4
(@andrewhunnisett) Cycling Crazy Watch Out
(@NietNathan) Sammy's Sacrifice
(@GrootLem) Rainbow Nation
(@LUX_Finest) Bob & Friends p/b Ilnur Haircut
(@LanceBC) LanceBC
(@Partykjeppen) Partykjeppen's Pozzovivian Playboys
(@NinieCyclingFan) Just for Fun
(@Cycling_CrazyMUM) InsideTheVuelta
(@GarthSheehan83) Make the Break
(@JoshuaCarnn) Landa's worth more than Neymar
( The Svein in Spain
(@EmilyMaidenDAD) Team Telecottage

And finally, a quick note for the people’s choice award! With Contador and Froome in their side, Survivor were always going to score highly with the public! Survivor take this classification with 4 points…

Time for an honorable¬†mention…

As many of you will already know, this Fantasy Fives series would not have been possible without the help of @RolfDev, team DS of Lonely at the Top. As our Fantasy Fives calculator, he has worked tirelessly over these past few weeks to get the results out as fast as possible (all the late updates were purely down to me and my poor timing schedule).

Make sure to go and show him some love on Twitter, he deserves as much praise as I do for the running of this fantastic series!

Until next time… CREDIT: Tim de Waele

Thank you to all the participating teams, it’s been an absolute pleasure to interract with you all for the past three weeks and just observe the traction that Fantasy Fives is getting! Here’s to many more eventful series to come, until the next one, it’s been your hosts, @RolfDev and @InsidePeloton96, thank you…