Fantasy Fives: Vuelta a Espana Stage 9 RESULTS

A low scoring day for Fantasy Fives players, especially the Froome and Chaves backers! Finally, the GC boys get into action…

A double stage winner! CREDIT: BettiniPhoto

Two joint stage winners, and two different team combinations. CyclingHill profited from the Chaves and Woods partnership as Formidable Five also rode to an equaling five points with their Froome and Kelderman partnership.

Such low scores see both teams rocket up the GC, affirming higher places within the top 10!

Another strong day for Diemens Demons see them remain at the top of the pecking order whilst also increasing their lead in the stages classification; a successful day all round for Fantasy Fives newcomer, @Bartdevries.

For the breakaway classification, it’s still the Tour de France reigning champions, Renegade Masters clinging onto the top spot. With several other teams also on five points however, will they be able to carry this lead through the second week? Especially with the experienced breakaway artists of Break the Wheel and Cycling Crazy breathing down their necks.

A strong day in the mountains for the Usual Suspects now see them ride straight into the KOM jersey, 11 points to the good.

The people’s choice champion has changed! Thanks to an incredible ride from Chris Froome, a wealth of teams score in this classification after yesterday’s stage. Survivor now lead this competition, but with only two points, it isn’t exactly a commanding lead…

Right, time to have a look at those results!

Team Name and Twitter HandleStg 1Stg 2Stg 3Stg 4Stg 5Stg 6Stg 7Stg 8Stg 9Total/OverallStage ClassificationBreak ClassificationKOM ClassificationPeople's Choice
(@bartdvries) Diemen Demons324123121135231817717371
(@paddyjim) Paddy's Pedallers820192136192132618214271
(@Tomashuuns) Bazinga National Team9451227221910371719811471
(@Cyclingfan001) CyclingHill7151528223656215205152
(@domhino) TIM HODG6205213733424182131471
(@tdfbeefeaters) Beefeater Bend45131641174650232151631
(@andrewhunnisett) Cycling Crazy Watch Out111533338383540102231311
(@Ross5u839) Formidable Five720252135264739522514171
(@ironsscally) Renegade Masters7264333232624446232165
(@Spudacus12) Team Rouleurs6141239352747461123781
(@badgerbarouder) Azkonarra Tomatea344232941232644142471341
(@ksmashbets1786) Drip Dry23123514126422114251414
(@FlannelBidon) Survivor153740522730262772618272
(@PelosJuno) Rani648126436114632626112171
(@Cycling_CrazyDAD) The one are many and the many are one634376721135232926217571
(@rolfdev) Lonely at the Top43116692047491413263921
(@KRUIJSWIJKGAAN) Team Kruijswijk (Without Kruijswijk)1739172538135340272691
(@LanceBC) LanceBC13371662223067181427982
(@NietNathan) Sammy's Sacrifice 52831356326044222811511
(@jamiehaughey) You know nothing Jon Nieve45714363061392820289132
(@VainHack) Berasa743217138184938729291
(@Benni1000) Die Bierabzapfer7351146413846502329741
(@russelljosborne) The Usual Suspects10393675046461749300161111
(@EmilyMaiden) Adios Alberto666187216254736153013431
(@Partykjeppen) Partykjeppen's Pozzovivian Playboys928103237667717293051121
(@Jesper_Kuup) Vive le Velo94912631746465120313113101
(@CyclingDelegate) The Cycling Delegate7242060256366243532453
(@doniewalsh) Lily Rosa544121952586252203241271
(@GrootLem) Rainbow Nation192424253647794927330531
(@sap1906) SAP-La Mondiale41251637628317603322052
(@RonSydenham) Pini Espanol84912675243355220338871
(@nick_russell04) Majka me Crazy7133142804083193935411281
(@Cycling_CrazyMUM) InsideTheVuelta19402659251345676135513
(@justprocycling) No Team Leader1359353250446646133585
(@LUX_Finest) Bob & Friends p/b Ilnur Haircut694264937416242836551
(@Mapachito2016) Lord of the Chainrings84148492262894513741234
(@RutgerDijk) CruijffAFCA923665629704919553761036
(@SmokeyTimRobbo) Dropped on the Climb344273865655958203798
(@InsidePeloton96) Break the Wheel97143443156117739381456
(@JoshuaCarnn) Landa's worth more than Neymar162349364050814755397634
(@GarthSheehan83) Make the Break13383971403163475639854
(@EmilyMaidenDAD) Team Telecottage10693345513275356141112
(@NinieCyclingFan) Just for Fun10562594424576521141131
( The Svein in Spain1055285671545664704641
(@comovaeso) Del Tongazo74162613875100481469834
(@EmilyMaidenMUM) Team Sausage Dog598167560643473454704
(@jswadswad) Weird Buddhist Viking1372549265614921534806310
(@Cycling_Crazy) Cycling Crazy10523867741036100100487246
(@AdamBothma) Deep South156634676458686451487871
(@bristolbike) Parti criw yng nghymru3752233633798917449621
(@NirelepM) SupaGalactic Team86653676458686451499871
(@Scotttimps) Timperley Group971349192446778485341
( Geared Up77388100100875453786405510
(@Matt_Russell_92) Feeling Fraile207170911005436100100642246