Fantasy Fives: Vuelta a Espana Stage 18 & 19 RESULTS

Two big breakaway days that have really hampered a lot of the teams in the top 10! High scores all round for the top GC teams have allowed one team in particular to profit and sneak their way onto the podium…

First up, stage 18, then scroll down for the stage 19 results…

Turns out 12 points was just enough to clinch the stage win!

With two of their riders making the breakaway, Azkonarra Tomatea were always going to be in a great position to take the stage win. Not only did they take the victory, but such a low score surrounded by high scoring GC teams now see them move from 7th to 4th place, just whiskers away from the podium.

With Rojas finishing 5th on the stage, Azkonarra Tomatea also managed to go just one point above stage classification leader, TIM HODG, a great day all round for @badgerbaroudeur’s team!

KOM leaders, Bazinga National Team added yet more points to their tally, reaching an impressive 23 to continue leading that classification.

Such a big breakaway day was always going to throw the breakaway classification into question, two placed riders for Renegade Masters soon saw them overtake Feeling Fraile as the leaders. With a number of teams on 11 points however, the competition is still extremely tight!

Right, let’s have a look at those results following stage 18…

Stage Winner: Azkonarra Tomatea

Race Leader: Paddy’s Pedallers

Stages Classification: Azkonarra Tomatea

KOM Classification: Bazinga National Team

Breakaway Classification: Renegade Masters

People’s Choice Award: Survivor

PositionTeam Name and Twitter HandleStg 17Stg 18Total/OverallStage ClassificationBreak ClassificationKOM ClassificationPeople's Choice
1st(@paddyjim) Paddy's Pedallers1746324447151
2nd(@domhino) TIM HODG1352402463162
3rd(@Ross5u839) Formidable Five164540542171
4th(@badgerbarouder) Azkonarra Tomatea1412412471162
5th(@Cyclingfan001) CyclingHill83542037691
6th(@andrewhunnisett) Cycling Crazy Watch Out11344202431
7th(@bartdvries) Diemen Demons234743833471
8th(@FlannelBidon) Survivor16214472543
9th(@ksmashbets1786) Drip Dry21454561314
10th(@rolfdev) Lonely at the Top121846515542
(@NietNathan) Sammy's Sacrifice 16464932421
(@Tomashuuns) Bazinga National Team2127496317231
(@sap1906) SAP-La Mondiale112049941103
(@PelosJuno) Rani466251329271
(@russelljosborne) The Usual Suspects1754545394162
(@jamiehaughey) You know nothing Jon Nieve134255130591
(@justprocycling) No Team Leader841553303121
(@GrootLem) Rainbow Nation7595542241
(@tdfbeefeaters) Beefeater Bend523655626742
(@ironsscally) Renegade Masters22185613112171
(@VainHack) Berasa746565272
(@Spudacus12) Team Rouleurs254756613331
(@LanceBC) LanceBC2333566115
(@Benni1000) Die Bierabzapfer1758583424
(@Cycling_CrazyMUM) InsideTheVuelta1324587108
(@LUX_Finest) Bob & Friends p/b Ilnur Haircut847602163
(@Partykjeppen) Partykjeppen's Pozzovivian Playboys7416122541
(@KRUIJSWIJKGAAN) Team Kruijswijk (Without Kruijswijk)205162634
(@Cycling_CrazyDAD) The one are many and the many are one30306333311101
(@EmilyMaiden) Adios Alberto243766086102
(@SmokeyTimRobbo) Dropped on the Climb1360665252131
(@doniewalsh) Lily Rosa366466624141
(@Jesper_Kuup) Vive le Velo6239674268131
(@Mapachito2016) Lord of the Chainrings93568420691
(@NinieCyclingFan) Just for Fun1239685132
(@nick_russell04) Majka me Crazy1065695273132
(@RonSydenham) Pini Espanol47677522471
(@RutgerDijk) CruijffAFCA14497891846
(@InsidePeloton96) Break the Wheel3746815476
(@CyclingDelegate) The Cycling Delegate19448551464
(@Scotttimps) Timperley Group116986417391
(@AdamBothma) Deep South173687227371
(@jswadswad) Weird Buddhist Viking1157883195151
(@NirelepM) SupaGalactic Team175491527171
(@GarthSheehan83) Make the Break535592199
(@JoshuaCarnn) Landa's worth more than Neymar4650954107
(@EmilyMaidenMUM) Team Sausage Dog3395959514
(@comovaeso) Del Tongazo222197313991
(@bristolbike) Parti criw yng nghymru2348981938
(@Cycling_Crazy) Cycling Crazy553010206119
(@EmilyMaidenDAD) Team Telecottage6980104213
( The Svein in Spain6966106912
(@Matt_Russell_92) Feeling Fraile4592124461116
( Geared Up431001323107151

Stage 19 Results

De Gendt makes it three out of three and joins a list in cycling’s hall of fame. CREDIT: Belga

They may be the lanterne rouge, but that didn’t stop Geared up from scoring a perfect score on today’s stage. De Gendt and Pantano gifting them a ‘very’ rare victory. The haul of stages points also thrusts them into the top 10 in that classification, a good day all round for the team at the bottom of the Fantasy Fives leaderboard.

Another breakaway day was bad news for the GC teams, especially race leaders Paddy’s Pedallers. A haul of 66 points now slashes their advantage to the teams behind and make it one open race going into the final two stages.

A big breakaway day was always going to benefit one team, you guessed it, Azkonarra Tomatea had yet another stellar day, a score of 22 enough to propel them up to second place. Bazinga National Team were another to profit from a big break day and rejoin the top 10 as a result.

99 points now separate 1st to 6th place, the closest Fantasy Fives Grand Tour we’ve ever had! Two stages stand in the way of Paddy Pedallers and Vuelta glory. They looked almost certain to take it a couple of stages ago, but now, I’m not too sure…

As soon as Feeling Fraile lose control of one classification, they ride straight into another, Villella bringing them a haul of KOM points for today’s stage. With a 1 point lead over Bazinga National Team and three scoring climbs left in the race, can they hold their advantage?

Right, time to have a look at the leaderboard! There’s been a lot of re-shuffling…

Race Leader: Paddy’s Pedallers

Stages Classification: Azkonarra Tomatea

KOM Classification: Feeling Fraile

Breakaway Classification: Azkonarra Tomatea

People’s Choice Award: Survivor

PositionTeam Name and Twitter HandleStg 18Stg 19Total/OverallStage ClassificationBreak ClassificationKOM ClassificationPeople's Choice
1st(@paddyjim) Paddy's Pedallers4662386448151
2nd(@badgerbarouder) Azkonarra Tomatea12224344714122
3rd(@Ross5u839) Formidable Five453744242271
4th(@domhino) TIM HODG5262464464162
5th(@bartdvries) Diemen Demons473747533571
6th(@andrewhunnisett) Cycling Crazy Watch Out34654852431
7th(@ksmashbets1786) Drip Dry45354911324
8th(@Cyclingfan001) CyclingHill357249237791
9th(@Tomashuuns) Bazinga National Team2716512369231
10th(@FlannelBidon) Survivor21675142543
(@rolfdev) Lonely at the Top185051515642
(@NietNathan) Sammy's Sacrifice 46475402431
(@sap1906) SAP-La Mondiale204454341113
(@russelljosborne) The Usual Suspects5428573396162
(@PelosJuno) Rani626958229271
(@justprocycling) No Team Leader4143596324121
(@jamiehaughey) You know nothing Jon Nieve424859930691
(@tdfbeefeaters) Beefeater Bend364960526842
(@Spudacus12) Team Rouleurs475161713431
(@ironsscally) Renegade Masters18586193113171
(@GrootLem) Rainbow Nation59736272241
(@Benni1000) Die Bierabzapfer5849632434
(@VainHack) Berasa4677642272
(@LanceBC) LanceBC3377643115
(@LUX_Finest) Bob & Friends p/b Ilnur Haircut4745647164
(@Cycling_CrazyMUM) InsideTheVuelta2472659109
(@EmilyMaiden) Adios Alberto3710670128102
(@Cycling_CrazyDAD) The one are many and the many are one30506833312161
(@Partykjeppen) Partykjeppen's Pozzovivian Playboys41786902541
(@doniewalsh) Lily Rosa642869424341
(@KRUIJSWIJKGAAN) Team Kruijswijk (Without Kruijswijk)518571134
(@Mapachito2016) Lord of the Chainrings354973320791
(@SmokeyTimRobbo) Dropped on the Climb6068733253131
(@Jesper_Kuup) Vive le Velo3969743268131
(@NinieCyclingFan) Just for Fun3980765132
(@nick_russell04) Majka me Crazy6580775273132
(@RonSydenham) Pini Espanol67558072471
(@RutgerDijk) CruijffAFCA493782623581
(@InsidePeloton96) Break the Wheel46368519881
(@jswadswad) Weird Buddhist Viking5740923246172
(@GarthSheehan83) Make the Break5569271511
(@AdamBothma) Deep South367794927371
(@CyclingDelegate) The Cycling Delegate44989531464
(@Scotttimps) Timperley Group699395717391
(@NirelepM) SupaGalactic Team545496927171
(@EmilyMaidenMUM) Team Sausage Dog9535994524
(@JoshuaCarnn) Landa's worth more than Neymar50541008128
(@bristolbike) Parti criw yng nghymru48551036948
(@Cycling_Crazy) Cycling Crazy302210421113171
(@comovaeso) Del Tongazo2194106713991
(@EmilyMaidenDAD) Team Telecottage8096113813
( The Svein in Spain6696116512
(@Matt_Russell_92) Feeling Fraile922212661113241
( Geared Up10031326199172