Fantasy Fives: Vuelta a Espana Stage 14 & 15 RESULTS

Top ten re-shufflings and doping scandals, there’s been a lot of action in Fantasy Fives over the past two days, Majka backers having a whale of a time…

Stage 14 Results

A strong performance from @nick_russell04 ensured the stage victory.

A perfect partnership of Majka and Nibali ensured the aptly named, Majka me Crazy team came away from stage 14 with an impressive stage win. A strong performance from Majka now also put this team in the running for the KOM competition, only three points away from the leader, The Usual Suspects.

Despite another hard fought GC stage, Paddy’s Pedallers left the final climb relatively unscathed, scoring a low 6 points to keep his margin to second place above 50 points. With the most pivotal stages still to come however, can this team hold red all the way until Madrid?

Losing places after stage 14, and also their lead in the stages classification, is Azkonarra Tomatea. SAP La Mondiale assume the lead in the green jersey, but with many teams now in the 30 point zone, there will surely be one fierce fight for this classification over the coming stages.

Survivor continue to lead the people’s choice award, their riders continually winning the admiration of the general public!

Now, onto some serious news…

A recent report into the Fantasy Fives team list have found some anomalies, namely within the teams of Adios Alberto (@EmilyMaiden) and Berasa (@VainHack). Both have been operating with teams costing 106 points in total, a violation of the Fantasy Fives limit.

Due to only being over by 6 points, and each player likely unknowing of how many points they’ve spent, the race jury have decided to be lenient. Both teams will be able to stay in the race and will keep hold of all their points in every classification other than the overall.

For the overall, each team will be given a score of 100 points on the next stage, on top of whatever score they achieve for that stage.

With that all over, let’s have a look at the results! (For the stage 15 results keep scrolling down…)

PositionTeam Name and Twitter HandleStg 13Stg 14Total/OverallStage ClassificationBreak ClassificationKOM ClassificationPeople's Choice
1st(@paddyjim) Paddy's Pedallers227253316151
2nd(@domhino) TIM HODG306308322111
3rd(@bartdvries) Diemen Demons172331023471
4th(@Ross5u839) Formidable Five151033329171
5th(@andrewhunnisett) Cycling Crazy Watch Out19143391921
6th(@badgerbarouder) Azkonarra Tomatea112434235882
7th(@Cyclingfan001) CyclingHill27113462434
8th(@ksmashbets1786) Drip Dry2313374414
9th(@FlannelBidon) Survivor16113861433
10th(@tdfbeefeaters) Beefeater Bend21523872652
(@PelosJuno) Rani211338921271
(@Spudacus12) Team Rouleurs242838982
(@rolfdev) Lonely at the Top2218391922
(@ironsscally) Renegade Masters4710395289131
(@VainHack) Berasa23143971321
(@Tomashuuns) Bazinga National Team5754401246151
(@NietNathan) Sammy's Sacrifice 24144111721
(@russelljosborne) The Usual Suspects175416304162
(@EmilyMaiden) Adios Alberto19264303532
(@jamiehaughey) You know nothing Jon Nieve48174332234
(@LanceBC) LanceBC2521435113
(@sap1906) SAP-La Mondiale7144373663
(@Benni1000) Die Bierabzapfer172644541
(@GrootLem) Rainbow Nation20124521541
(@KRUIJSWIJKGAAN) Team Kruijswijk (Without Kruijswijk)32354753
(@justprocycling) No Team Leader3874811524
(@doniewalsh) Lily Rosa172348118141
(@Cycling_CrazyMUM) InsideTheVuelta322548457
(@Cycling_CrazyDAD) The one are many and the many are one404748527771
(@Jesper_Kuup) Vive le Velo4244502205101
(@Partykjeppen) Partykjeppen's Pozzovivian Playboys39345181721
(@LUX_Finest) Bob & Friends p/b Ilnur Haircut301652663
(@SmokeyTimRobbo) Dropped on the Climb48175271714
(@Mapachito2016) Lord of the Chainrings231253817491
(@RonSydenham) Pini Espanol9515451871
(@nick_russell04) Majka me Crazy564554223132
(@NinieCyclingFan) Just for Fun272058331
(@InsidePeloton96) Break the Wheel7529646466
(@CyclingDelegate) The Cycling Delegate37100666114
(@GarthSheehan83) Make the Break415468097
(@RutgerDijk) CruijffAFCA50556951146
(@JoshuaCarnn) Landa's worth more than Neymar5464712105
(@Scotttimps) Timperley Group4320718924
(@EmilyMaidenMUM) Team Sausage Dog10035731514
(@AdamBothma) Deep South405474118171
(@NirelepM) SupaGalactic Team575476618171
(@jswadswad) Weird Buddhist Viking676767125151
(@EmilyMaidenDAD) Team Telecottage707177212
(@comovaeso) Del Tongazo602177613491
( The Svein in Spain61598161
(@bristolbike) Parti criw yng nghymru5363820624
(@Cycling_Crazy) Cycling Crazy5387827676
(@Matt_Russell_92) Feeling Fraile708799961013
( Geared Up100301053107151

Stage 15 Results 

Despite not having a designated team leader, @JustProCycling still managed to pull off the double today.

A perfect combination of Lopez and Zakarin brought No Team Leader some much needed good luck today, propelling them up a few places in the overall.

Low scores across the board for a lot of teams also see a podium re-shuffle, Formidable Five now taking one of the steps for the first time in this race. Toms Skuijns’ Bazinga National Team drop even further out of the top ten, but with A.Yates scoring them a haul of KOM points, they now comfortably lead this classification.

Thanks to a strong performance from their team today, Azkonarra take back their lead in the stages classification, a haul of 39 points an impressive tally with 5 stages still left to race.

Even with their team leader abandoning the race yesterday, Feeling Fraile manage to retain their breakaway lead. A few teams are breathing down their necks however and with many mountain stages coming up, can they hang on?

Right, time to look at those results!

PositionTeam Name and Twitter HandleStg 14 Stg 15Total/OverallStage ClassificationBreak ClassificationKOM ClassificationPeople's Choice
1st(@paddyjim) Paddy's Pedallers75258367151
2nd(@domhino) TIM HODG66314383162
3rd(@Ross5u839) Formidable Five10834133171
4th(@Cyclingfan001) CyclingHill11535131491
5th(@andrewhunnisett) Cycling Crazy Watch Out14133521921
6th(@bartdvries) Diemen Demons235536524471
7th(@badgerbarouder) Azkonarra Tomatea243838039982
8th(@ksmashbets1786) Drip Dry138382814
9th(@PelosJuno) Rani13939824271
10th(@VainHack) Berasa1464031921
(@FlannelBidon) Survivor11184041533
(@rolfdev) Lonely at the Top1819410922
(@NietNathan) Sammy's Sacrifice 14114222021
(@Tomashuuns) Bazinga National Team5427428256191
(@tdfbeefeaters) Beefeater Bend524643326642
(@Spudacus12) Team Rouleurs2854443102
(@ironsscally) Renegade Masters1049444309131
(@sap1906) SAP-La Mondiale14134503673
(@russelljosborne) The Usual Suspects535451314162
(@LanceBC) LanceBC2117452113
(@jamiehaughey) You know nothing Jon Nieve172145427391
(@GrootLem) Rainbow Nation12114631741
(@EmilyMaiden) Adios Alberto26354653572
(@Benni1000) Die Bierabzapfer2628473414
(@justprocycling) No Team Leader7348424291
(@KRUIJSWIJKGAAN) Team Kruijswijk (Without Kruijswijk)353350834
(@Cycling_CrazyMUM) InsideTheVuelta253551957
(@LUX_Finest) Bob & Friends p/b Ilnur Haircut168534103
(@doniewalsh) Lily Rosa235553619141
(@Jesper_Kuup) Vive le Velo4435537215101
(@Partykjeppen) Partykjeppen's Pozzovivian Playboys34215391721
(@Cycling_CrazyDAD) The one are many and the many are one475554028771
(@SmokeyTimRobbo) Dropped on the Climb1723550222131
(@nick_russell04) Majka me Crazy421575223132
(@RonSydenham) Pini Espanol51425871971
(@Mapachito2016) Lord of the Chainrings125158917491
(@NinieCyclingFan) Just for Fun201059351
(@InsidePeloton96) Break the Wheel2947693466
(@RutgerDijk) CruijffAFCA55257201546
(@Scotttimps) Timperley Group201973714291
(@CyclingDelegate) The Cycling Delegate100727381144
(@GarthSheehan83) Make the Break547675697
(@EmilyMaidenMUM) Team Sausage Dog3532763514
(@JoshuaCarnn) Landa's worth more than Neymar6464776105
(@jswadswad) Weird Buddhist Viking625792165151
(@AdamBothma) Deep South545579619171
(@NirelepM) SupaGalactic Team545582119171
(@EmilyMaidenDAD) Team Telecottage715983113
( The Svein in Spain59308461
(@comovaeso) Del Tongazo217284813491
(@bristolbike) Parti criw yng nghymru6334854628
(@Cycling_Crazy) Cycling Crazy8764891676
(@Matt_Russell_92) Feeling Fraile8764106361013
( Geared Up30581111107151