Fantasy Fives: Vuelta a Espana Stage 12 RESULTS

Yet another breakaway day spelled disaster for many Fantasy Fives teams, scoring in the high double figures. One team that seemingly had no problem dealing with today’s escape was race leaders themselves, Paddy’s Pedallers, pedalling to yet another single figure score…

Paddy’s Pedallers take yet another commanding win, furthering their lead at the top of the standings.

Who’d have thought that their tactical transfer of Rosa to Polanc would advance them so much in the GC? Im sure Paddy knew exactly what he was doing…

Nevertheless, Rojas and Polanc combined to bring the team an extremely low score as the competitors surrounding them all scored highly, perfect circumstance for the newly crowned race leaders.

In the stages classification, Azkonarra Tomatea further extend their lead to a whopping 29 points, Rojas proving a vital asset in their quest for both the green jersey and most combative team classification.

Slowly making their way back into podium contention are Cycling Crazy Watch Out, a solid past couple of stages propelling them to the 5th spot on GC. With only 67 points separating 2nd – 1oth place on GC, this is shaping up to be one of the tightest Fantasy Fives series of all time, hold onto your handlebars guys…

Yet another day in the break for Rojas reaped large rewards in the KOM classification, particularly for the Bazinga National Team and Paddy’s Pedallers which now joint lead this competition on 15 points!

With Contador winning the people’s choice award for today’s courageous attack, Survivor further their lead in that classification, taking their tally of points up to three.

The Vuelta still has a lot to run, but as we near the pivotal stages, will the GC start to shake up even more? With so much more at stake over the coming stages, we’ll be re-introducing ‘words from the DS’ to hear how each of your races are going!

Right, time to have a look at those long awaited results…

Stage Winner: Paddy’s Pedallers

Race Leader: Paddy’s Pedallers

Stage Classification: Azkonarra Tomatea

KOM Classification: Bazinga National Team

Breakaway Classification: Renegade Masters

People’s Choice: Survivor

Team Name and Twitter HandleStg 1Stg 2Stg 3Stg 4Stg 5Stg 6Stg 7Stg 8Stg 9Stg 10Stg 11Stg 12Total/OverallStage ClassificationBreak ClassificationKOM ClassificationPeople's Choice
(@paddyjim) Paddy's Pedallers82019213619213262679224286151
(@bartdvries) Diemen Demons324123121135231836302727021471
(@domhino) TIM HODG62052137334241825331272262111
(@Tomashuuns) Bazinga National Team94512272219103717213635290226151
(@andrewhunnisett) Cycling Crazy Watch Out111533338383540103713333061621
(@badgerbarouder) Azkonarra Tomatea344232941232644143352230729881
(@Cyclingfan001) CyclingHill71515282236562155812333082034
(@Ross5u839) Formidable Five72025213526473953664130827171
(@tdfbeefeaters) Beefeater Bend4511143915445023844573142151
(@Spudacus12) Team Rouleurs6141239352747461118453733782
(@ironsscally) Renegade Masters72643332326244462867113382388
(@ksmashbets1786) Drip Dry23123514126422114301839338414
(@rolfdev) Lonely at the Top43116692047491413431629351922
(@PelosJuno) Rani648126436114632627194835519271
(@FlannelBidon) Survivor15374052273026277458453591223
(@VainHack) Berasa74321713818493872413313601221
(@jamiehaughey) You know nothing Jon Nieve45714363061392820399313681834
(@NietNathan) Sammy's Sacrifice 52831356326044224014383731721
(@EmilyMaiden) Adios Alberto666187216254736151834323853532
(@LanceBC) LanceBC133716622230671814342650389113
(@russelljosborne) The Usual Suspects10393675046461749153049394233111
(@Cycling_CrazyDAD) The one are many and the many are one634376721135232974521039825771
(@Benni1000) Die Bierabzapfer7351146413846502341214340241
(@KRUIJSWIJKGAAN) Team Kruijswijk (Without Kruijswijk)1739172538135340272649644082
(@sap1906) SAP-La Mondiale41251637628317602614444162862
(@Jesper_Kuup) Vive le Velo9491263174646512093262416185101
(@GrootLem) Rainbow Nation1924242536477949275120194201241
(@Cycling_CrazyMUM) InsideTheVuelta19402659251345676129251842755
(@justprocycling) No Team Leader135935325044664613358354361014
(@doniewalsh) Lily Rosa5441219525862522036305144116141
(@Partykjeppen) Partykjeppen's Pozzovivian Playboys928103237667717297312554451421
(@SmokeyTimRobbo) Dropped on the Climb344273865655958204111314621314
(@LUX_Finest) Bob & Friends p/b Ilnur Haircut694264937416242869182848053
(@RonSydenham) Pini Espanol849126752433552204025824851271
(@nick_russell04) Majka me Crazy7133142804083193973125549414281
(@Mapachito2016) Lord of the Chainrings84148492262894514439465031234
(@CyclingDelegate) The Cycling Delegate7242060256366243569845252994
(@NinieCyclingFan) Just for Fun10562594424576521155284253631
(@InsidePeloton96) Break the Wheel97143443156117739722366542456
(@GarthSheehan83) Make the Break13383971403163475652924358596
(@RutgerDijk) CruijffAFCA923665629704919558757705901036
(@JoshuaCarnn) Landa's worth more than Neymar162349364050814755985940594104
(@EmilyMaidenMUM) Team Sausage Dog59816756064347345671346596514
(@EmilyMaidenDAD) Team Telecottage10693345513275356188587463112
(@AdamBothma) Deep South15663467645868645174523464716171
(@NirelepM) SupaGalactic Team8665367645868645174483465516171
(@Scotttimps) Timperley Group97134919244677848422356655524
(@Cycling_Crazy) Cycling Crazy105238677410361001005710043687666
(@jswadswad) Weird Buddhist Viking1372549265614921538757706946310
(@comovaeso) Del Tongazo74162613875100481866971695834
( The Svein in Spain1055285671545664708870746961
(@bristolbike) Parti criw yng nghymru375223363379891746939100704324
(@Matt_Russell_92) Feeling Fraile2071709110054361001005710043842676
( Geared Up77388100100875453789592969235510